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SUNDAY 31st January 2016: by Special Request we have been asked to repeat our Panel Discussion on our Local Radio Call in show “Hitz Talk” Tune in tomorrow morning @ 11AM-1PM for live radio stream at: http://www.hitz1037.com/hitz-fm/   “New Domestic Violence Act 2015"
President Miriam Roache just after her brief remarks handed over our annual financial donation to the President of the Association of People with Disabilities Mr. Junior Bacchus.
26th January 2016: Panel Discussion on the “New Domestic Violence Act 2015" These two Organisations have teamed up to host this Panel Discussion on this very important instrument of the Law which seeks to improve and address the issue of "Access to Justice" by victims of Domestic Violence . Soroptimist international has Programs on Issues such as Domestic Violence Awareness; Conflict Resolution and Human Trafficking, while the Bar Association has a social responsibility to assist the general public in examining and explaining various Laws to interested persons. It made sense to join forces in this instance to draft in other relevant parties to the table for this National Conversation.The general public is invited to attend. The New Law introduces new definitions and rights and responsibilities on the part of victims, and the enforcement Authorities, as well as on teachers, social workers and doctors. 
Girl Guide Leader Mrs. Crichton with PAC Sis. Ikarmola and President Elect Sis. Shannon Durrant-Samuel.
MAY 12th, 2015: - Donation SISVG continues to fulfill its mission and on May 12th, the Club made its annual donation of XCD $1,200.00 to the Helping Hands Centre. The cheque was presented by Soroptimist President Mrs. Miriam Roache and accepted by the President of Helping Hands, Mr. Junior Bacchus.  
SIGBI 81st Federation Conference
22nd December 2015: Christmas Love Packages to the Patients who have been admitted to the Female Surgical and Medical Wards at the Milton Cato Memorial Hospital. This year we were able to give in an excess of $3000 worth of Medical materials and care packages to the patients on both wards.  
Past Presidents
SI St. Vincent & the Grenadines joins SI Jamestown as they celebrate their 30th Anniversary.
About Us
Soroptimist Sisters at our Panel Discussion of the New Domestic Violence Act 2015. and two visiting Sisters with us at this spectacular event - Gill Beardsley from SI Bristol and Topsy Hughes from SI Kettering.
7th July, 2015:  The works of Soroptimist International SVG (SISVG) has been recognized by Right Stuff a leading provider of graphics and signage services here.Earlier this month Right Stuff presented a plaque depicting the origin of SISVG. The plaque summarizes how the Club was established, lists the names of the first women to lead the organization and its date of charter. SISVG is an organization of women whose goals are to improve the lives and status of women and girls through education, empowerment or enabling opportunities as well as be a voice for increasing access to education and leadership for women and girls. It was established by charter on July 14th, 1987.  According to Mr. John Crichton, the Managing Director of Right Stuff, “Soroptimist SVG has always had the support of Right Stuff because we admire the efforts of the Club in supporting the vulnerable”. Mrs. Shannon Durrant-Samuel, President Elect & Communication Officer of SISVG, on accepting the plaque thanked Right Stuff on behalf of SISVG.
Panel Discussion Album
17th July, 2015: Two students of the Glebe Preschool are the first recipients of assistance from the Soroptimist International SVG (SISVG) to prepare them for entrance into Primary school. SISVG presented school supplies to Paris Harry and Kemillia Davis of Barrouallie. These two girls will enter the Barrouallie Government School and the Leeward District Seventh Day Adventist Primary School at the beginning of the 2015-2016 academic year. President of Soroptimist International of SVG, Miriam Roache presented the supplies. On hand to witness the presentation were other members of the SISVG, Head of the Glebe pre-school, Mrs. Karon Hepburn and parents of the two preschoolers, Ms. Jamillia Davis mother of Paris Harry and Ms. Kenilla Raguette, mother of KemilliaRaguette.SISVG is an organization of professional and skilled women committed to improve the lives and status of women and girls through education, empowerment or enabling opportunities as well as be a voice for increasing access to education and leadership for women and girls.ISVG.
13th- 17th July, 2015: Annual Summer Youth Programme Soroptimist International SVG hosted its annual youth programme from July 13th-17th 2015 at the Girl Guides Headquarters. Our theme “Girl’s on fire” from our previous year was so well received that we ran “Girls on Fire 2.0” this year. 35 students from various schools participated and were all excited and captured from day one by our featured speaker at our opening ceremony- Caricom Youth Ambassador Shanika John. Our youth program not only provides a recreational retreat for these girls but offers the opportunity to develop self-esteem, self-reliance, determination and respect for self and others. Our compact program included a selection of experts to moderate sessions on empowerment, etiquette, arts & crafts, internet safety, skin care, communication, attire, diet and exercise. A special trip to the National Insurance Service Golden Years Activity Center was organized and donations were made to the center by our girls who brought their own materials to give back to our community. SISVG is in the business of inspiring action and transforming the lives our our girls and young women in society.
Dr. C. Nicholls as she delivers information on Endometriosis
Brand New Stove
Donation of Television, Video and DVD player, 8 Chairs, two tables, teachers interactive books, first aid kit, Kitchen utensils and so much more
Happy 30th Anniversary SI Jamestown
APRIL 17th, 2015: Congratulations to our Memorial Fund Awardee to the SIGBI 2015 Glasgow Conference- Mrs. Shannon Durrant-Samuel. Read the SIGBI Glasgow 2015 leaflet
17th September 2015: Donations to Glebe PreSchool as part of our Preparations for the new School Term and our action in this month of September for International Literacy Celebrations.
8th September 2015: INTERNATIONAL LITERACY DAY It's that time of year again where our focus is on Literacy.We continue to support Education and Literacy for all. It is our goal to fill as many Primary School Libraries as we can to allow each child the opportunity to read, to learn and to build a brighter future for us all here in St. Vincent & the Grenadines. Whether it’s reading or writing, literacy is an outlet to an untouchable world – your imagination. Not only is literacy a basic human right, it is a fundamental building block for learning as well as a personal empowerment tool. It is the catalyst for social and global progress. On September 8th, 2015, let’s show the world the importance of literacy by celebrating International Literacy Day. Join Soroptimist as a united voice in raising awareness for those who cannot read or write. International Literacy Day gives children and communities a chance to rediscover the joys of reading while raising awareness for those without access to education.
APRIL 30th, 2015: Congratulations to our newly appointed Executive of 2015-2016. 
Principal- Mr. Holder, Class Teacher- Mrs. Douglas and the Children of Kindergarten
SISVG Treasurer- Euna Thompson, President Elect Shannon Samuel, Principal Mr. Holder & SISVG Member Idalia Job
Two members of the SISVG attended this years SIGBI Federation Conference in Glasgow. Our Program Action Officer Ikarmola Laborde escorted our Flag at the Opening Ceremony and our President Elect Shannon Samuel attended as this years Memorial Fund Awardee.
17th January 2016: CARIBBEAN SOROPTIMIST DAY 2016. SISVG celebrated this special day worshipping together at the St. Pauls Anglican Church in Calliaqua followed by a quiet Brunch at the High Tide Restaurrant & Bar. Left-Right Bottom: Patron- Lady Antrobus, Member- Annelle Thomas, Dev. Officer- René Baptiste, PRESIDENT- MIRIAM ROACH. Top: Member-Lavinia Gunn, Program Action Officer- Ikarmola Laborde, IPP- Nicola Williams and President Elect - Shannon Samuel.  
MAY 10th, 2015: - Mothers Day! SISVG has been invited by NBC Radio to participate in a panel discussion- This Sunday’s Views on Issues from 11AM on NBC Radio looks at “The Role of Mothers in shaping our Society”. On the Panel: Mr. Marlan Charles – Youth Programme Coordinator at SVG Planned Parenthood Association Mrs. Jestina Charles –Supervisor of the Bethel Gospel Assembly Women’s Ministry and 2006 CIBC First Caribbean Unsung Hero. Mrs. Shannon Durrant-Samuel – Communications Officer and President Elect of Soroptimist International St. Vincent & the Grenadines.
28th November 2015: Cocktails & Carols 2015 Our Major Fundraiser which fuels the numerous ongoing projects that we are committed to. We thak all those who came out and had a beautiful evening with us.
President Miriam Roache second from Left with Preschool Teacher Lunette and Sister Annelle extreme right with Pre School Principal Karen Hepburn.
25th September 2015: Donations to Brighton Methodist Primary School. The theme this year : Literacy and Sustainable Societies. We continue to build libraries one Primary School at a time and this year the Brighton Methodist Primary school is the the proud recipient of the SISVG Book Drive.  Literacy is the key driver for sustainable development and affording the opportunity to these primary school children gives them the tools needed for the learning of a broader set of knowledge, skills, attitudes and values which makes a significant difference in our society. These Children are the future of St. Vincent and the Grenadines and will contribute to this world leaving a positive mark and making St. Vincent proud! We have collected over 200 books from the age range of 5-12 years and are proud to hand them over to the Principal, staff and children of the Brighton Methodist Primary at their Assembly this morning.
Soroptimist International St.Vincent & the Grenadines
Brighton Methodist Primary as they gather for Assembly and handing over of SISVG Book donation for International Literacy Celebrations
Networking with our sister Soroptimists from around the world. President Elect Shannon Samuel met with President Jenny and what an honor it was to chat about the plans of SISVG.
Presidents Message
5th7th November 2015:  SIGBI 81st Federation Conference SECC Clyde Auditorium, Glasgow 5th-7th November 2015 Theme: Delivering the Difference.
Left-Right. PANELISTS: Ms. Ruth Jacobs, Superintendent of Police and Head of CID who also formerly headed the Domestic Violence unit of the RSVG Police, Barrister at Law and Solicitor Ms. Paula David of the Law Firm - SAUNDERS & HUGGINS, Moderator, President of the Bar Association & SISVG Dev. Officer -René Baptiste CMG, Mrs. Polly Oliver, a seasoned Social Worker Case Investigator of the Ministry of National Mobilisation, Family and Gender Affairs and Dr. Jozelle Miller a trained practising Psychologist  
SISVG IPP Nicola Williams (front left)  SISVG Member Lavinia Gunn (far right) and certified participants of the SISVG Youth Programme
SISVG for this years International Women's Day hosted a Speakers Meeting on the 2016 theme "Pledge for Parity." Our Guest Speaker - Hon. Judith Jones Morgan- the Attorney General of St. Vincent and the Grenadines.
SI St. Vincent & the Grenadines  P.O. Box 730, Kingstown St. Vincent & the Grenadines VC0100, West Indies
Guest Speaker  CaricomYouth Ambassador Shanika John.  (far Left)  SISVG President Miriam Roache (far Right)
Soroptimist International of St. Vincent & the Grenadines (SISVG) are delighted to announce that our President for 2015-2016 is Miriam Roache. EndFragmentThe newly appointed executive is as follows: Patron- Lady Antrobus, President- Miriam Roache, President Elect & PRO- Shannon Durrant-Samuel, Vice President- Angella Taylor, Secretary- Keisha Fraser,Treasurer- Euna Thompson, Program Action Officer- Ikamola Laborde, Membership Officer- Nelcia Primus, Development Officer- René Baptiste, Immediate Past President- Nicola Williams and Committee Members- Christine DaSilva, Zeitha Hadaway and Norma Knights.  EndFragment
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Our Friendship Links SI Solihull & St. Albans!!! We truly appreciate your contribution to our annual "Literacy for all” Programme. What a great time we all had in Glasgow!
HISTORY  OF SOROPTIMIST INTERNATIONAL ST. VINCENT AND THE GRENADINES  Mrs. Jean Moore-Williams an employee of Barclays Bank, Barbados and a member of SI Barbados came to St. Vincent to live and work in 1986. She loved the island but there was one shortcoming; no Soroptimist club existed in St. Vincent and the Grenadines (SVG). Encouraged by Mrs. Ena Woodstock, the Extension Officer for SI Caribbean and members of her own club SI Barbados, Jean took up the challenge to start a club in St. Vincent and the Grenadines. On January 29, 1987, Jean together with five excited Vincentian women, Norma Keizer, Theresa Daniel, Annelle Thomas, Lorna Small and Gwendolyn Russell met with Mrs. Woodstock to discuss the formation of a Soroptimist club in SVG. This meeting laid the foundation for the future of what was to become Soroptimist International of SVG.  A list of prospective persons to be invited as the first recruits was compiled and a date set for the meeting. During this first visit of Mrs. Woodstock to St. Vincent, radio and television interviews were arranged and a courtesy call was also made to Lady Eustace, the wife of his Excellency, the Governor- General, Sir Lambert Eustace.    SI Barbados agreed to be our sponsor and four of their members; Patricia Cook, Ercil Sealy, Hilda Garde-Weekes and Margaret Osborne journeyed to SVG to meet with the prospective members on 3rd April 1987. They outlined details of what was required for the formation of a Soroptimist Club; the 18 persons present were very enthusiastic and gave their commitment to becoming members. A motion was then moved to form the club and the 18 persons signed the petition which was forwarded to the Soroptimist Federation of Great Britain and Ireland requesting the charter of the club. The eighteen persons who signed the petition, were:Josephine Banfield, June Bennett, Laura Browne, Kathryn Cyrus, Theresa Daniel, Susan Dougan, Carmen Jack,  Yvonne John, Norma Keizer, Judith Leigertwood, Jeanie Laurel McDonald, Irwin Martin, Jean Moore-Williams, Shirley Robertson, Viola John, Natalie Sylvester, Annelle Thomas, and Dilys Peters. Two of the original five persons who met with Jean on January 29th, 1987 did not sign the petition; Gwendolyn Russell indicated that because of her commitment with Girl Guides she would not be able to become a member but would continue to give support, and Lorna Small had a work commitment then but was initiated with the next batch of recruits.Lady Eustace was also officially invited to be our Patron. Our petition was accepted by SIGBI and 14th July 1987 was set as our charter date. The first installation of the original eighteen, plus two additional recruits, Gloria Jack and Francilma Murphy took place on the 20th June 1987. At the charter meeting held on 14th July 1987, Federation President Kate Fussell also installed the first officers of the club.They were:President                          Jean Moore-Williams1st Vice President            Annelle Thomas2nd Vice President            Norma KeizerHonorary Secretary          Irwin MartinHonorary Treasurer         Yvonne JohnCommittee members were:  Viola John, Theresa Daniel, Carmen Jack, Judith Leigertwood, and Dilys Peters.With the Club established, work began in earnest under the programme areas of Soroptimist International.
1st Anniversary Dinner  1998 Vice President Annelle Thomas
SISVG is grateful to the local Media for publishing part one to our article on this celebratory date to Eliminate Violence against women. We have reached the Nation with our message and will follow up with our second article on the Laws that protect women on our little island paradise St. Vincent and the Grenadines.
International Women’s Day IWD 2017 campaign theme #BeBoldForChange
SISVG Vice President Elect Angella Taylor Addresses our membership.
Soroptimist International St. Vincent & the Grenadines  Initiation Ceremony
SISVG Program Action Officer delivers her PAC Report for the year 2015-2016
SPORTS FOR LIFE !     A new page for SISVG
Helping Hands & Glebe Preschool Christmas Parties                 December 15th 2016
SISVG Out-going President  Miriam Roache delivers her President Report for the Year 2015-2016
The Soroptimist International St. Vincent & the Grenadines installed their new Executive for the year 2016-2017   President: Sis. Shannon Samuel Immediate Past President: Sis. Miriam Roache President Elect: Sis Angela Taylor Vice President: Sis Josie Ann Small Secretary: Sis. Jaydene Wilks Treasurer: Sis Euna Thompson Program Action: Sis. Ikarmola Laborde Membership Officer: Sis. Nicola Williams Development Officer: Sis. René Baptiste Communication & Web Officer: Sis Shannon Samuel Councillor: Sis. Nicola Williams Committee Members: Sis. Christine DaSilva Sis. Idalia Job Sis. Norma Knights SICN Reps.: Sis Shannon Samuel Sis. Miriam Roache
The theme for this year's International Day of the Girl (11 October) is Girls' Progress = Goals' Progress: A Global Girl Data Movement.  While we can applaud the ambition and potential of the SDGs for girls,  and recognize how girls’ progress is good not only for girls, but also for  families, communities and society at large, we must also take this  opportunity to consider how existing gaps in data on girls and young  women, lack of systematic analysis, and limited use of existing data  significantly limit our ability to monitor and communicate the wellbeing  and progress of half of humanity. 
A worldwide ecumenical movement of any faith traditions who come together to observe a common day of prayer on the first Friday in March each year. Through World Day of Prayer- Women throughout the world are encouraged: - to become aware of the whole world and no longer live in isolation - to be enriched by the faith experience of Christians of other countries and cultures - to take up the burdens of other people and pray with and for them - to become aware of their talents and use them in the service of society Women on this day affirm that prayer and action are inseparable and that both have immeasurable influence in the world.
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Belmont Primary School
Soroptimist International Joins the SVG Medical Association in their Annual Breast Cancer Awareness Pink Cap City Walk.
29th NOV. 2016 SISVG’s member Sis. Joyce Stay meets His Royalty Prince Harry on his visit to St. Vincent and the Grenadines.
September 8th
Stubbs Primary School
His Royalty Prince Harry visits St. Vincent & the Grenadines.
The theme of the International Day of Older Persons for 2016 is "Take A Stand Against Ageism".
Soroptimist International SVG Celebrates International Day of the Girl Child
Cocktails and Carols 2016
MAY 10th 2016 SISVG celebrated Membership Month with a most exciting gathering at Sis. René’s home. We got straight into Club business as our new President Shannon had  scheduled the Induction of Prospective member Anika early on our Agenda. Our evening continued with beautiful Steel Pan music played by one of our most talented Pannist Mr. Rodney Small, followed by poetry resited by Ms. Nerissa King and Mr. Jerron James, members of a local Performing Arts group called Urban Expressions head by Mr. Sean Frederick.
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Soroptimist International SVG hosts it’s annual Tea for the Elderly
SISVG President Shannon Durrant-Samuel. hands over a token of appreciation from SISVG to our Patron Lady Antrobus.
SISVG President   Shannon Durrant-Samuel delivers her Acceptance Speech.
17th January 2016:  CARIBBEAN SOROPTIMIST DAY 2017. SISVG celebrated this special day worshipping together at the Catholic Cathedral  in Kingstown, followed by a quiet Brunch at the Grenadine House. Left-Right  IPP-Miriam Roache, Gail Davis, Kathryn Cyrus, Christine DaSilva, President Elect-Angella Taylor, Lavinia Gunn, Membership Officer- Nicola Williams, Nelcia Primus, Idalia Job, Norma Knights, Treasurer- Euna Thompson, Dev. Officer René Baptiste, Shirley Charles, Annelle Thomas & Zeitha Hadaway.  
SISVG President  Shannon Durrant-Samuel. Presents out-going President Miriam Roache with a gift.
CONGRATULATIONS to the Graduands of Helping Hand’s Center- Our School for Children with Disabilities.
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SISVG Patron Lady Antrobus Pins in coming President Shannon Durrant Samuel.
Focus on Education       - SISVG have been following our scholarship holders throughout their secondary education and we are pleased with their progress thus far.         - The Glebe preschool continues to benefit from our financial support for their utility bills, refreshments and toys when celebrating Christmas as well as their Graduation Ceremonies annually.       - We continue to host our annual youth camp which facilitates 40 youngsters from the ages of 11-15. In 2011 we focused on life skills and personal development.       - Assistance with career guidance at the annual local career fair and book contributions to primary schools were part of our education drive.
Dr. Onu as he delivers his presentation on Eye Care to Sister Soroptimists
SISVG has spearheaded the project of obtaining this property sitting on 7,243 square feet of land for the development of children with disabilities. The Grand Opening took place at New Montrose, 3rd February 2001.The Helping Hands Centre is a non profit educational facility that serves children with disabilities. A daycare program that is headed by the Association for people with Disability (APD) and is open weekdays between the hours of 8:00 AM – 3:00 PM.  The centre consists of two therapy rooms, a kitchen,a resource centre, two bathrooms, and a play area.  It is staffed by three full-time and two part-time employees. 
Economic & Social Development & Community Service      - A Fruit Basket was delivered to the Lewis Punnett Home for the Elderly as members celebrated decided to search through their environment acquireing fresh fruits and vegetables from our islands rich and lush vegetation. This marks World Environment Day 2012.       - Our club maintains a room at the Margueritte Shanauger Shelter which is operated by the Ladies of Charity here in St. Vincent.       - The fight against AIDS continues and we have assisted the House of Hope Society financially for the provision of care for the persons afflicted with this disease.       - We have been assisting a family with monthy donations as well as toiletries to manage a child who suffers from Cerebal Palsey.       - Our Comfort Station continues to benefit the public and generate funds for the Club, while providing employment for two persons.       - The annual tea party held for the elderly is a hit each year. Folks come out in their numbers and have a great social evening with entertainment, songs and poetry.
Opening of our Clubs Comfort Station 1991.
Comfort Station
On our 25th Anniversary this July 14th 2012- Our Club's Comfort Station continues to offer a vital service in the heart of our capital, Kingstown. 
•   Fund Raising       - We host two major events each year, our Valentine Luncheon and our Christmas Cocktails and Carols. •   Health & Healthy Lifestyles       - October holds our fight against Breast Cancer each year and in conjunction with the local Medical Association we participate in they "Pink Cap City Walk" as well as make direct contributions to afflicted patients for their necessary medial needs.       -  We have had assistance from our Local Physicians hosting individual interactive sessions related to Hypertension, Diabetes & Eye care.
In 1991 President Kathryn Cyrus was the driving force behind this project and with her proactive executive and dedicated members it came to completion during her tenure. This project provides a much needed community service especially during the islands Carnival season and other times when activities are held in the Capital. Special commendations have been given to SISVG for maintaining this operation. Requests are frequently made to have the facility opened later than the scheduled times, especially at weekends.
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Margurite Shanagher Night Shelter
Our most recent project is the adoption of a room in a Night Shelter run by the Roman Catholic Church. SISVG is responsible for furnishing and upkeep of this room which was opened during the SICN conference in 2007.
Caribbean Soroptimist Day 2013
•   International Goodwill & Understanding       - Project Sierra came to a close in July 2011 and our own local fundraisers was able to afford us a donation of  £503.00.       - Members of SISVG joined our other Caribbean islands in celebrating  Caribbean Soroptimist Day with a special tea and discussions on "working together in Friendship and Fellowship." •   Environment       - Our "Saturday of Service" event saw the planting of young Palm Trees on the grounds of the New Kingstown Library.       - A joint venture with the Girl Guides Asociation was a facelift to the home of an elderly lady living in Central Kingstown. The land space was cleared and cleaned and a coat of paint to enhance the building.
Boat Ride to Bequia for Literacy Day 2013
St. Vincent & the Grenadines
Soroptimist International is a global volunteer movement working together to transform the lives of women and girls. Our 8000 Members in 352 Clubs in 29 countries including Great Britain, Ireland and countries in Africa, Asia, the Caribbean and Malta work at a local, national and international level to educate, empower and enable opportunities for women and girls
Welcome to Soroptimist International St. Vincent & the Grenadines